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Sample Reflector 5 Inch, 20 degrees

Virtual 3D Optical Design

Complementing our lighting fixture product design and photometric services is our "state of the art" lighting fixture optical design service. What makes this capability particularly important is our ability to produce IES files from virtual models, minimizing the need for our clients to actually manufacture anything during the design/development stage, nor pay for the costs associated with repeated: design - physical test - design, sequences that would be required in order to achieve a similar result.

We can provide AutoCAD drawings of those designs, 3D models and/or CNC G-Code programs that can be used for manufacture with a CNC laser or CNC turret press.

Towards that end, we can now accept illumination goals for fixtures, determine if they can be achieved, and then design the fixture and/or the optics to achieve those goals, including stated requirements such as minimum efficiency ratings.

In order for us to provide a quotation for our new Virtual 3D Optical Design services, we request: a photo, a physical sample or a drawing of your particular fixture concept, plus any illumination goals that you may have.  Lighting design

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