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Remote Control

Remote Control

Announcing our new ability to operate your computer from our offices!

Imagine being able to watch the progress of a technician operating the computer in your facility- but the technician is not physically there! You see the mouse moving on the monitor and watch the project evolving but your computer is being operated from a remote location as if the technician was sitting right in front of it!

This new Sterling Innovations service gives you brand new flexibility and cost reduction:

Gain the benefits of having a full-time technician available to you on short notice, without the expense of having a full-time technician on your payroll

No waiting for a technician to arrive

No travel expenses

Only use the service when you need it

No minimum charge- Use the service for as short a time as you need it and only when you need it

You are able to watch the progress on your monitor as if the technician was right there with you.

You are able to discuss the project with the technician as it progresses and are even able to point to specific elements on your monitor, that the technician can visually follow

Remote Control Operation
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