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10 Critical Advantages

10 Compelling Advantages Of Our Application/Design Engineering Services For Companies

Instead of hiring a full time employee and paying all of the related taxes and benefits, you now can have a highly experienced: Lighting Design Engineer, Applications Design Engineer ("Point X Point" Photometrics), sheet metal based parts/assemblies Design Engineer and a CNC Laser/Turret Press Programming Engineer, standing by for you to utilize as needed.

Please consider the following 10 great advantages of our services:

1. Using the services of an Engineer who is not technically your employee, will save you all of the following taxes and hidden costs: Unemployment Tax, Social Security Tax, Medicare Tax, Disability Tax, Worker's Compensation Tax, "Health Care" Tax, ETT (employment training tax in CA) as well as: vacation pay, holiday pay, and additional "employee benefits!"

2. We apply over 35 years of skill and experience gained in the Lighting Industry to all of our projects. For example, for photometric based site lighting designs, we are able to identify the characteristics that make our client's products shine and those that make your competitor's products vulnerable and we utilize those insights on projects, to our client's advantage.

3. Our experience is not limited to product and photometric based designs; we are also quite familiar with the industry's "players", including: component manufacturers, wholesale part suppliers, Reps, testing labs, etc., making us a tremendous multifaceted resource that has insight into how each project fits into the "bigger picture". Ask us to recommend the best sources for items like: low-cost sand-castings, peel and stick neoprene gasket material, or where to buy specially sized polycarbonate lenses and we are very likely be able to provide some great alternatives.

4. Don't pay for a full time Engineer if your need is actually: part-time, intermittent or for overflow during busy times. Now you can lower your overhead costs by paying for an Engineer only when you need one, with the built-in ability for us to expand to your needs as they grow.

5. As your remote Applications/Design Engineer, Sterling Innovations can optionally act as your West coast Applications/Design Engineering Department, responding to inquires from your Reps and clients as a remotely located Department of your company.

6. We use our own high-end computer systems, many of the Lighting Industry's greatest software applications, and our 35 years of experience, yielding the best results while saving you money, right from the start.

7. Adapt faster to business spikes. Projects often tend to come in waves (feast or famine). With Sterling Innovations you can now save the expense of paying for a full time Applications/Design Engineer during slow times, and yet you can enjoy the benefits of having an Engineer available to you during busy times. This kind of flexibility is the best of both worlds!

8. The great advantages that can be gained from using our remotely located Applications/Design Engineering services have been well proven for many years, which resulted in many very satisfied clients.

9. We offer you the benefits of having an Applications/Design Engineer employee but without many of the negatives. Based on a basic capability of the Internet, a remotely located Applications/Design Engineer can work on your projects as if they are sitting right in front of your in-house computer. If desired, the remotely located Applications/Design Engineer can do things like: look up project information and drawings, design each project and then place the completed designs into the right folder, right onto your computer system and/or server.

10. No obligation trial! Try us out and see how we can be a great asset to your company- with no future obligation on your part.

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