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Solar-Powered Lighting Systems


Solar-Powered Lighting Systems

A relatively new category of lighting has become both available and viable; it’s solar-powered lighting.
Today, there are both residential and commercial models of solar-powered lighting fixtures available to purchase.  However, the consideration of solar-powered lighting’s reliability is paramount because there is little benefit provided by a light fixture that doesn’t reliably operate.  Sadly, too many solar-powered lighting systems from both the residential as well as commercial categories, function unreliably.  So, when choosing a brand and model of light fixture, the manufacturer’s track record for the reliability of their systems in the field should be prioritized.

Sterling Innovations has a history of designing both the lighting products themselves as well as the optimum application of the lighting systems, which includes the products of some of the most reliable commercial solar-powered lighting system manufacturers in the market.
While fundamental, reliability is not the only criterion to determine if a solar-powered light fixture is well-suited to a specific project site.  Next important is intensity and available illumination distribution patterns, so as to be used to determine how well individual light fixtures can be positioned and combined together in optimal unison on project sites, with individual illumination coverage patterns meshing together with neighboring light fixtures, analogous to geometrically shaped puzzle pieces, covering an entire area with minimal illumination overlap or gaps, so as to meet all project goals with a minimum quantity of lighting fixtures, resulting in optimum illumination uniformity.

There are some great advantages provided by the best solar-powered lighting systems, including:
  There are many remote locations where it is just not practical to obtain a grid connection, 
  No ongoing electrical operational costs to pay
  Completely eliminates the cost of installing underground trenching, running conduit, and underground wiring,
  Helps the entire project site more easily meet any City/State mandated, energy-efficiency requirements
  Operates normally during grid power failures and “Public Safety Power Shutoffs” (PSPS)
  Greatly reduces project installation time by eliminating the related underground trenching, running conduit, and pulling underground wiring,
  Rebates for purchasing solar-powered lighting systems are offered in many cities, which can be substantial.

Sterling Innovations LLC offers the following critical solar-powered, site lighting design services:
1.    Evaluates potential solar-powered lighting fixture manufacturers based on their currently available products and their ongoing system reliability,
2.    Virtually tests out and compares the available light distribution patterns and intensity between qualifying brands and models,
3.    Reviews the specifics of each project site and virtually tests competing products in order to determine which brand and model(s) of light fixtures can be best applied to produce optimum results at a minimum quantity,
4.    Designs the optimum lighting layout to best complement any site size and shape, minimizing the quantity of lighting fixtures and related equipment,
5.    Creation of a photometric report that adheres to project illumination goals and city requirements, that can be used to get local city Building Department approval,
6.    Determines the optimum choice for all equipment variables (e.g. determining the best pole height, lumen output, distribution patterns, etc. for maximum optimization to complement each unique project site),
7.    Contacts the selected manufacturer directly, on our client’s behalf, in order to relay all project and lighting equipment details, so that the manufacturer can submit an applicable price quotation.

Only by this procedure can the best lighting product selection be made that will function properly while complementing each installation site while minimizing both initial as well as ongoing costs.

The people who want to sell you lighting equipment are not usually the same people that want you to buy as few of them as possible.  By us achieving the elimination of even one single light pole in a way that will not negatively impact a project’s illumination goals or overall illumination quality, we can potentially save our clients the cost of our services by up to several times over.  However, Sterling Innovations is often able to eliminate more than only one single light pole per project.  Sterling Innovations has a history of reducing lighting fixture quantities on projects, without compromising on illumination goals or illumination quality, while achieving 100% of the city-mandated illumination requirements.  The larger the project site, the greater the potential for us to reduce the lighting equipment quantity, which often does save our clients twice to several times the cost of our services.  We achieve this by being our client’s advocate in designing highly optimized lighting systems that achieve all requirements with the fewest quantity of lighting fixtures and poles.  But by the elimination of even one single light pole on a project, we can typically save our clients between 2 to 6 times more than the cost of our services! Additionally, every single light pole that is eliminated from a project, represents not only a savings in the direct lighting equipment cost but also a reduction in installation as well as the associated ongoing energy consumption and future ongoing maintenance.

Having Sterling Innovations help you to choose the right solar-powered light fixtures for your project will not only potentially save you substantial sums of equipment costs but will also save you from making the serious error of selecting lighting equipment that may prove to be unreliable.

Contact Sterling Innovations to get a no-obligation quotation to design your next solar-powered lighting project.

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