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Custom Produced Videos

Custom Produced Videos


Today, the term "Video" evokes so much more than just entertainment.  Videos can also be one of the very best ways to quickly convey: concepts, methods, visuals and techniques, But additionally, a video can be a superb way to teach, create company/brand awareness and promote products & services.

By integrating all of the right techniques, a professionally created video can quickly impart more memorable information to its viewers, than any other medium or method, of similar duration.


The Visual Components of Videos

There are basically five kinds of visual elements of which videos are typically based: 

#1.  Camera Shoot Recording- When most people think of the topic of videos, they envision moving imagery that is recorded using a digital video camera, which typically captures and stores a linear progression of sequential frames (typically at 24 frames per second or greater) with the content of each frame changing anywhere from very little to completely from the previous frame, over the duration.

#2.  Static Photos- There are also some very effective techniques in which a video can be based on static photos, which eliminates some of the most costly aspects of site based video recording.  Today, with the right tools, the illusion of a live linear time recording can be added to static digital photos, making them- almost subliminally- appear to have some dynamic motion that one would normally associate with a traditional video camera recording.  It is not unusual for such a movement enhanced photo scene to actually look superior to a traditional video still segment.

#3. Computer Desktop Capture- Comprised of either a still image, referred to as a “screen capture”, or as a linear progression of multiple frames, for the purpose of creating motion and/or dynamic visual changes, a computer desktop capture is great for activities like instructing, as well as most any other kind of computer usage demonstration.

#4. Graphics- Enhancing either of the prior two concepts or even standing on its own, is graphics.  Graphics is a wide heading that can be described in terms of an: illustration, drawing, logo, arrows, emblem, diagram or text,, including our 2D Drawings & 3D Modeling creations.  The term graphics often implies a still, single frame image, but even though the term "graphics" are usually static by definition, it is often visually advantageous to "bring them to life" by having them move around the screen, fade in and out, “page-flip” (such as in the style of a cartoon or an animation) and more.

#5. Special-Effects- Another visual element, but one that typically doesn’t really stand on its own, is special-effects.  When the phrase “special-effects” are mentioned, most people immediately think of explosions, but special-effects can be so much more than just that, including being an almost subliminal addition to a video that can act as a sort of a punctuation or enhancement to other elements, such as: a quick flash of light, a virtual computer generated vehicle or structure, a substituted background, or just to separate each scene in the form of a transition between each.  A special effect can range from a tiny, almost subliminal highlight, all the way up to… YES, giant explosions.

While a video can be comprised of only one of the first 4 previously described elements, it is usually desirable for a video to include a combination of any two, three, four or even all five, types of visual components!


The Audio Components of Videos

There are also four types of audio elements that can enhance a video, including:

#1.  Narration- A voice tells the story and imparts a mood

#2.  Music- Adds a refined feel and an atmosphere to any video

#3.  Sound Effects- Not only can sound-effects be applied as a sort of a punctuation-like enhancement to the imagery, they also can be used to grab the viewer’s attention and make the video more immersive.

Utilizing these elements, Sterling Innovations creates superior videos that impart, convey, teach, and promote your company, its products, and/or its services. 


For additional information and details, pertaining to the video of your desires, please contact Sterling Innovations.

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