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Site Lighting Layout/Photometry

For Sites Located Anywhere in the U.S.A. and Beyond

Lighting Design & Photometric Services for Both Interiors & Exteriors, From Emergency Egress to Parking Lots

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Lighting Layout/Photometry Design Services

Because Sterling Innovations also designs lighting fixtures, we uniquely understand the "trade-offs" that are associated with different lighting fixture: optical systems, light sources, configurations, and more.  We use that knowledge to optimize the application of fixtures to each installation site, resulting in higher minimum footcandle levels along with superior uniformity ratios, while minimizing lighting fixture quantities.

We Regularly Provide Answers to Questions Such As: 

What brand, model, light source, distribution, and wattage of light fixture should be used in order to minimize overall: installation, energy consumption and maintenance costs?

How many light fixtures do you need to properly illuminate a particular site?

What optics, configurations, spacing and mounting height will maximize each specific light fixture's illumination and distribution characteristics in order to complement the site’s shape, size, mounting height, and light trespass (light spill at or beyond the property lines) limitations?

How will the resulting overall illumination of the site compare with the desired illumination goals while adhering to City requirements?

When desired by our clients, it is common for our photometric based, site lighting layout designs to require up to 1/3rd less fixtures than those typically provided by most lighting designers and manufacturers! Many of our site lighting designs not only save our clients costs by the elimination of excess lighting fixtures and poles, but each light fixture that we are able to eliminate, directly corresponds with a substantial and ongoing reduction of costs. While initial purchase price and installation costs are reduced immediately, the ongoing savings in energy use and maintenance costs continue infinitum! The reduction in initial purchase costs that Sterling Innovations is often able to accomplish, alone, typically saves our clients a great deal more than the cost of our design service!

Our designs do not cut corners. We typically improve minimum footcandle levels and uniformity, while reducing fixture quantity and meeting or exceeding all applicable lighting goals and City requirements. Our analysis and subsequent photometry is often a key factor in helping our clients "close the sale" and obtain city Planning and Building Department approval.

Sterling Innovations can use a single brand of light fixture in a photometric analysis or can combine many different: brands, styles and optical configurations on a single project site, in order to optimize and depict the illumination interaction. Some additional factors that we also often need to determine are: Fixture aesthetics, available illumination patterns (distribution), wattage, lumen output, illumination color, efficiency, light loss, light spill, mounting height, "Dark Sky", as well as meeting all local city mandated requirements. 

Sterling Innovations has the experience to help you select the lighting products that possess the most suitable characteristics to complement each and every project site while conforming to all city code requirements.

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