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Graphics Services

Graphic Services

Utilizing “state of the art” computer based graphic tools, Sterling Innovations produces 2D & 3D: virtual models, catalog pages, "cut sheets", CAD drawings and promotional materials.

Additionally, Sterling Innovations creates optimized photos, digitally enhancing them for visual attraction and impact- for use in applications such as promotional materials and web sites.

Virtual 3-D Product Graphics

SI 3-D Animated Logo Note:

The virtual SI 3-D spinning logo font (top of page) was designed in-house, utilizing AutoCAD. The resulting design was then manipulated in SolidWorks, adding depth and then imported into Simply 3D in order to add the material texture, lighting and rotation animation.

As in manufacturing reality, each letter in the design (the parts) actually include 4 "micro tabs" which serve to retain each punched-out part on a metal sheet until a physical release is desired. The parts release is accomplished by shaking while slightly bending the sheet back and forth.

SI 3D Revolving Logo
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