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In concert with our site lighting design and photometric report services or separately, Sterling Innovations also offers lighting fixture selection recommendations, based on results from evaluating and identifying the optimum lighting fixture brands and model numbers that are most appropriate for each specific project.

Based on our extensive history of lighting fixture design, application design, and lighting product manufacturing, we have the experience and insight required to properly evaluate lighting products, weighing all attributes in order to determine the optimum choice for each project, based on factors including: illumination distribution patterns, intensity, efficiency, design, value, longevity, construction, aesthetics and suitability for each light fixture to achieve all project goals and local requirements

Sterling Innovations has cultivated many great relationships over the years with manufacturing companies, including: lighting, sheet metal part manufacturers, custom mounting bracket shops, pole manufacturers, and more.  Sterling Innovations can be a great resource for connecting our clients to the best sources for a wide range of products and accessories!

For example, we can design and provide custom shaped and configured enclosures of all imaginable configurations (such as the stainless steel units that we custom designed and built for the IBM building, in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.) These enclosures protect, hide, and finish electrical and mechanical gate equipment, controls, identification readers, and more).

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