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Lighting Design For Lighting Companies


Lighting Design (Photometric Layouts or Fixtures) For Lighting Companies

There are several very good reasons why Sterling Innovations can be a great resource for your lighting company:

  Over 40 years of experience in the lighting industry gives us insights into all of the main and peripheral factors that are important to each lighting project.  For example, there have been times when we have optimized all of the project parameters for a client (who sometimes promotes a far less-than-ideal light fixture) yet, due to our extensive experience, we were able to optimize the project design so as to reduce the total light fixture count to notably fewer than his better-performing competitor's quantity, while achieving SUPERIOR ILLUMINATION RESULTS!  It is not uncommon for our client's total sales price to their client, to end up being lower (due to fewer required light fixtures) than their competitor's sales price.  Yet, despite the lower sales price, our clients are often able to offer SUPERIOR ILLUMINATION RESULTS, resulting in more orders. 


  Some lighting companies only have a periodic need for lighting application design which they consider to not be enough to justify the ongoing costs associated with hiring a full-time engineer

  While other lighting companies employ entry-level personnel but periodic projects arise which exceed their entry-level personnel's ability

  All companies eventually have a critical employee: call in sick, go on vacation, or end their employment

  Even as a result of success, a company can have its staff become inundated and need temporary additional design assistance


Additionally, many lighting companies simply don't offer lighting design services but periodic needs can still arise, and when they do, it can put a company at a disadvantage.  But with Sterling Innovations, you now have a resource to gain back that advantage.

Sterling Innovations can assist you on single projects- as needed, multiple projects- over a selected time range, or as your ongoing remote Lighting Design Engineering Department.


If desired, Sterling Innovations can create all designs under your company's name and logo as a sort of private-label lighting design arrangement.

Because Sterling Innovations is an LLC Corporation, there is never any concern about the potential liability that is associated with you hiring a consultant or freelance individual who might later claim to be an employee in order to wrongly benefit from employment laws that exist in some States, as a way to obtain employee-related benefits.  As an LLC Corporation, Sterling Innovations protects its clients from this vulnerability.

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