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Custom Built Fixtures, Housings, Assemblies, & Parts

Custom Built Fixtures, Housings, Assemblies & Parts

Sterling Innovations is now able to offer our OEM and resale clients, standard and custom built:

● Housings, Covers & Replacement Parts

● Complete Assembled Light Fixtures

● Sheet Metal Parts (Including for Aerospace)

● Mounting Brackets & Slipfitters

● Poles

We can create privately labeled, specially tailored 2D Drawings & 3D Modeling designs, that you can call your own, which we create based on your specifications and list of desired attributes and/or your: sketches, blueprints or samples for us to base your items upon.

A Few Unusual Custom Part Examples That We Created For Our Clients:

  • LED Lighting Application


  • Point X Point


  • Lighting Design


  • Photometric Report


  • Site Lighting Layout Photometry

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