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Flat Parts, Patterns, and Templates

Flat Part Patterns & Templates via 2D Drawings & 3D Modeling

Sterling Innovations can do it all or just the portion of the process that you happen to need.

Not just for Lighting Design, but also for SO MUCH MORE!

We convert your: blueprints, computer files, dimensioned sketches, or sample parts, into virtual models, factoring in the material stretch caused by each bend ("bend deduction" for sheet metal parts). We then "unfold" the virtual parts into flat patterns/templates that can be used to either act as a guide in cutting a single ready to form part out from a sheet of material or we can tightly "nest" multiple patterns onto a single virtual sheet, as a basis for sequencing a CNC punching or cutting machine, via a "G-code" program.

Send us your: Hand Sketches, Blue-Prints, Computer files, or Sample Parts (for "reverse engineering").

Sample Drawing

You Provide a Sketch, Blue-Print or Sample Part ...

Formed Part

...Which We Use to Design a 3D Virtual Model That Factors In The Material Stretch Caused By Each Bend (Bend Deductions)...

Flattened Part

...Which We Then Flatten Out Into a Developed Flat Pattern/Template...

2D Drawing/Part Template

...Which Can Be Used As A Flat, Developed & Scaled Pattern/Template For Manufacturing...

Nested Parts Zoomed in

...We Can Stop At This Point (Depending On Project Goals) Or We Can Tightly Nest Individual Parts Onto A Full Sheet Of Material...

Nested Parts

Full Sheet View Of Multiple Parts "Nested" Onto a Sheet Of Material

...We Can Then Program a CNC Laser or Turret Press to Cut The Parts From Sheets of Metal.

We Can Do It All or Only The Portion That You Need.

Our Services Range From Designing The Part/Product To Complete Manufacturing.


We Can Provide as Much or as Little of The Process as You Desire!

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