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List of Services as Knife-Blades

Sterling Innovations Provides a Full Spectrum of Synergistic* Services; Featuring: Lighting Design (Both Hardware & Applications), Part/Product Design & Refinement, 2D & 3D Technical Drawings, Sheet-Metal Design, CNC Laser/Turret Press Programming (For Manufacturing), & Additional Design & Engineering Services- For All Levels of Clients.

Sterling Innovations offers:

"Point X Point" Photometric Based, Lighting Layout Designs & Reports (Photometric Studies)- For a Single Brand or a Combination of Brands (with Interactions) of Lighting Products, Including Isocurves, Light Fixture Comparative Analysis, & Site Layouts/Reports (We Can Often Reduce Fixture Counts by as Much as 1/3rd Less Than Typical Competing Designs While Improving Site Illumination Quality & Uniformity Results!).


Lighting Fixtures & Other Part/Product Designs- Using 3D Virtual Modeling Tools. We Design For Manufacturability & Virtually Test All Parts For Perfect Shape, Size, and Fit.

IES File Repair & Rebranding- Some IES Data Files Are Created Virtually (Based On Software Instead Of a Physical Lab Test) Overseas Or Do Not Conform To IES Standards For Other Reasons, Inadvertently Inhibiting Them From Working Properly With Some Photometric Application Software.  Also, many O.E.M. Lighting Companies Resell Privately Labeled Lighting Fixtures Under Their Own Name, With The IES Files Provided By The Actual Manufacturer, Exposing The Name Of The Actual Manufacturer To The OEM's Clients and Competitors.  Sterling Innovations Repairs and Rebrands Those IES Files So That They Will Properly Fully Function and Contain Only The OEM's Brand Name, Model Number, and Desired Additional Information. 

3D Model Creation-  A Virtual 3D Model Can be Used for Purposes Such as a: Catalog, Website, or Submittal (“Cuts”) all Before a Real Prototype is Ever Built.  A Virtual 3D Model Can Also be Used as a Starting Basis for Manufacturing a Real Part/Product.  


C.N.C. (Computer Numerical Control) Turret Press & Laser Programming for Manufacturing Sheet-Metal Parts and Assemblies (Based on Our 3D Virtual Models of Your Parts).


3D Virtual Illumination Model Creation, Including Site Before/After & Our Product Versus Their Product Visual Comparisons, Based on Actual Photometric-Based Product Performance.

Sheet Metal Parts, Flat Sheet Part Layouts & Prototypes- We Can Create Flat Pattern Layout Templates That Are Accurately Developed For You To Use In Cutting & Folding Up Your Parts From Sheets Of Metal Into Precise Shapes & Sizes, Or We Can Simply Provide The Finished Formed Parts.

Determining The Optimum Lighting Fixtures & Accessories: We Research, Virtually Test, and Then Specify The Best Performing Lighting Products, That Complement Each Project.

Custom Made Videos For Promoting: Products, Services, Concepts & More, On Their Own or as Elements Within a Step-By-Step Presentation.

Step-By-Step Custom Made Presentations For Instruction, Conveying Information, Promoting Products, Services & More.  Turn Your Employee Manual or Assembly Line Procedures Into an Interactive Learning Experience That Will Teach All of Your Future Employees What You Need Them to Learn.

Graphics-Based Promotional Tools- We Create Catalog Pages, "Cut Sheets", 3D Models, Technical Drawings, & More.


Custom Part/Product Manufacturing, Including Private Labeled Light Fixture Housings, Complete Fixtures & Formed Sheet Metal Parts of all Descriptions).


Lighting Product Design, Performance Analysis & Comparisons (Isocurve Reports, 3D Photometric Models & more).


Establishing & Supporting Your National Sales & Marketing Team of Independent Sales Reps, We Can Function as Your: Sales Management, Tech Support, Quotations, "Cut" Creation and/or Project Design Office; Establishing, Setting-up & Supporting Your Independent Sales Rep (ISR) Force To Your Desired Level of Support.

And more... 

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List of Services

*Syn·er·gy- [root] "The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects".

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